New way to fake substep

Today , l find a new way to simulate substeps. Because blender don’t let’s python modify particles data on substep (between frames) , I need to find a way to fake it.

The first workaround I find couples of months ago is to emulate it by going back and forth in the timeline and report the data every time. Like that: If I have a framesubstep of 4 , I go forward with frame 1,2,3,4 , store position and velocity of frame 4 , go back to frame 2 for putting back the stored data on the particles and restart simulate frame 2,3,4,5 … repeating the same process again and again until the entire simulation is finish. The problem with this workaround is it’s stretch the particles simulatioin to simulate substeps but the don’t stretch the animation of moving obstacles or any animated parameters. This is bad.

But the good news is I think I find a second workaround and it’s really better. I play with the time remapping option in the render panel. I did some test and it’s working ! I remember to already did this test before and I don’t know why I will not make it work. But now it’s seem to working ! The good think about time remapping is I don’t have to do anything. Time stretching is managed by blender including obstacles and parameters animation.

Develppement on my script continue …  I’m exited to share the code soon on github !

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