somes videos for waiting …


The progress on my script take a break during the holidays but now I restart to working on it. Until I finish a releasable version , I post some videos about previous test/research I did before ( if you want to fellow all the story about the dev of this script. You can go on this thread too for fellowing the progress but my blog are more up to date ) :

First prototype with BGE ( bullet physics with Blender Game Engine and spring constraint):


Second prototype with Blender Particles ( because bullet consume to much memory with more than 50k dynamic objects) :

You probably see this one on BlenderNation for this contest:


A try to implement my own physics ( because of some Blender limitation to access of substep on particles with python ):


And Finally I forgot the idea to doing my own integration ( not easy and why trying to do somethings already coded in Blender ) and trying to find some “work around” for the limitation of Blender ( about the access of particles substep in Blender). From here , the real work started for trying to released a user-friendly script/addon.

Hope I don’t see any problems with this method and be able to releases this script to the community soon as possible.

Stay tuned …

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