Ocean and KillerWhale test01

Hi !

Here I want to share a little test I did with Blender 2.65 and it’s fluids physics.
Inspired from this realflow video , I started to play a bit with this. It’s not perfect , I don’t
put a lot of time on it but it’s not too bad. No compositing done after.I download the Killer Whale model from BlendSwap ( thanks to Dave Collison ). I did my shading and render with Cycles. I build my own water shader node tree with the ray_length node trick. For making the waves on water it’s really simple: I apply a ocean deformer on the geometry that generate the fluid. Starting with a wave form , it’s enough to start and continue the motion. The foam it’s self generated by the “Generate Particles” option in the domain. No tracer Particles are generated. After that , I instance little white sphere on particles to give a foam effects. Any comments are wlecome !

Watch it directly on youtube in 720p !

Simulation time : 12hours
Render Time: 8min per frame for 350frame = 47hours in Cycles
Domain Resolution: 300
Generate particles: 10.000

Note: Cycles motionblur for particles don’t really work. It’s be 20times too blurred for it’s speed. That’s why I don’t use motionblur for this video.

And a little test of my water shader, foam shader and wetmap:

10 thoughts on “Ocean and KillerWhale test01

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  2. Excellent result! Just one suggestion: use the Particle Info node to have the foam particles disappear over time. Very good result, however. Any chance of sharing the .blend?

  3. excellent one of the best I have seen in blender eh, but the million preunta, that possibility is there that we give away a small tutorial on how to create the foam as it explains how you create it, but as some of us are not power users Blender, do not fully understand how to generate the foam, could you give us a little tutorial on how to do this, since I’m going crazy and failure always lather, sorry for repeating the word as foam, and forgive my bad English

    waiting prompt response!!

  4. hello I’ve try to do the ocean water (waves) based on your small explanation but I not having much success could u elaborate a bit …..I ‘ve tried tried applying the ocean modifier both to the water and the domain and the results don’t quite match …plus could explain the waveform thing I am lookin for pointers I already get the general idea.


    • Hi McBeth !

      Sorry for the long time without answer.
      Okay , I try to explain it more clearly.
      – Create a cube to make your domain at the size you want.
      – Create a grid and scale it in X and Y to get the same size of your domain.
      – Move the grid down in Z where you want your water level
      – Subdiv this grid to have enough resolution for your ocean modifier.
      – Apply a ocean modifier on it in displace mode. ( click apply when you are happy )
      – Take all border edge of the grid ( select loop ) and extrude it in -Z until you reach the bottom of you domain.
      – keep edge selected and push F to close the open face.
      – So now you suppose to have a cube with is top deformed like a ocean surface
      – Make this cube be your “fluid” of your domain

      So , when you start the fluid sim , you already start with a cube of fluid with it’s surface shaped
      like a ocean. It’s more complicated to explain than to make it I think 🙂 Hope it’s help you. Just let’s me know !

  5. This is really amazing!!

    Is there a way to create this effect in Maya with nParticles?
    I have been trying to create this effect for more than 5 days (research, books, internet, just playing with the particles) and I cant get anything close.

    Im desperate and boss is saying Im being really slow to get the effect correctly.
    If you can show me the way, I would be relieved.

    • Hi Gon !

      Sorry but I don’t know Maya alot. I natively work with XSI. To do this setup in blender is really straight forward. Make a fluid domain , create a box of fluid in it like I describe below and just animate de Whale pass throught it. Not a lot of tweak are done here because is just for a test. Particles foam are automaticly generated by Blender. Sorry to not be able help you more than that.