Link at bird demonstration

Hi !

Here is a little test I did in the last days. The rules in my script is simple: Everytime a particles bird , it check for particles surround him at a distance defined by the user and make link with them. In this example , grey balls have no linkage properties at all, it just collide with himself and others particles from others systems. Color balls make link at bird like descripted above. Note: All video is in 720p, click for going on youtube directly to see the full resolution.

I’m hesitate to call my video ” Colorful cat poop in a grey litter” but it’s a bit disgusting 😉
Okay … to erase this image in your mind, read the stats here :

Number of particles : 6000
Number of frame: 300
Simulation time: 4hours ( 48 sec per frame )
RenderTime: 10 hours with Cycles

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