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Yesterday, I show to a friend (work in cg too) some of my videos and I ask him to give me a challenge ! After thinking , he tell me to trying push my particles through a pasta press machine ( like one you have in modeling clay kit for kids ) with hole of different forms. And I think the goal is reached. I have four hole with a scare , round , heart and star form. We don’t see a lot the form taht take the “clay” because I don’t have enough particles for definition.

Numbers of particles: 20 000
Numbers of frames: 300
Simulation time: 80sec per frames ( 6-7hours )
RenderTime : 7hours with Cycles ( 128 samples )

I did some simple test today with Cython and have a gain of 70x faster (without multithreading) then normal python on a simple ForLoop.I hope to get this kind of improve on my script when I starting to convert it for Cython.

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  1. WOOT!?! … speechless

    I have been quite busy the last 2 days and therefore didn´t look at your site for new updates… now i come back and you did a whole lot of magic again in such a short amount of time! Simply amazing! 🙂
    Looking forward to the “cythonized” version!

    How about implementing “inactive at start”, like Rigid Bodies have in Blender? That would keep em stable at their initial position. As long as there is nothing forcing the particles to move, they can “sleep” instead of nervously wiggeling a bit around at their “rest position”. ( maybe fakeable by setting gravity for the particles to zero, until a collision object hits the particles…)
    Or maybe even send them to sleep again if Velocity is < threshold for n frames and pause their "looking for particle collision"-routine. Doing so lets them hold their position, causing less computation (maybe only continue checking for external collision objects, instead of checking for all the surrounding particles), until they get detected by an active particle. (i.e. particles laying around with no velocity left . Like a car in the parking position. It can react to other cars when they hit it, but it can´t be the initiator for that collision because it stands still). Means that when another particle, that is active because of more velocity than the threshold, reports a collision with one that is sleeping, this will wake it up and let it react again, until the Velocity Threshold sends it back to sleep.

    As usual, i have no idea whether this is practicable or not! 😉
    It´s just an idea, inspired by the current rigid body system in Blender, that i wanted to share with you, so you don´t feel alone with all the problems^^

    Best Regards

    Thank you for the Link
    Bookmarked it for further learnings regarding python 🙂
    At the moment, i am digging myself through and
    Lot of headaches and my brain went "BSOD" when i saw Quaternions… but still having fun 🙂

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