Improvement still going

Hi !

I just wrote this little post to tell the developpement on Molecular Script is not dead. I still working on it and the progress is really great. I fix all crash now ( I not crash at all after more than 6 weeks of test ) and improve a lot the speed of it. More improvement still coming but for now here is the stats of where I’m :

Numbers of Particles: 1 000 000
Numbers of links created: 15 671 796

Original code from beta release 1 may 2013:  12.98 sec per subframe
Light structure of particles for kdtree creation : 9.02 sec per subframe
Multithread particles collision and links solving: 6.55 sec per subframe
Code my own quick_sort algorythm function:   5.57 sec per subframe

For now the script is a bit more than 2 times faster. More improvement still going and I think for now I can reach 3 sec per subframes. So we talking about 4 times faster than before if this incoming improvement is a success. Sorry for the slow dev speed and stay tuned !

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