begin to build a Simple Skin nodes group

Hi everyone !

Few weeks ago I’m starting to play with Blender 2.70 and the SSS node. My idea here is to create a simple Skin shader. I keep in head to build it with less exposed parameters for the artist has possible. Arnold renderer is my favorite renderer , but like somes co-workers said to me , the 3 layered skin shader is a bit too much for the most need of used cases. I and they think it’s possible to do similar yes less , a bit like the Vray SSS shader. Inspired from that I try to make a nodes groups that I want to share with all of us later. Here is two videos of my test. I use meshes and textures from Lee Perry-Smith and scans. I render all this frames with the online renderfarm I recommend to watch the video in 720p or 1080p to see all the details. I add hair for beard , hair-brow and “peach fuzz” for fun.

Rendered with just two lights to see correctly how SSS react:

Rendered with HDRi lighting ( from ):

What the nodes groups UI look like for now ( alone ) :

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