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Hi all !

Nothing too much to say about me. My name is Jean-Francois Gallant but you can see me on many forum with the pseudo-name “PyroEvil” ( a old weird nickname I create when I’m a teenager and don’t know why , stick with them. probably because I create it related to my love for visualfx like fire and explosion ). I’m working in the world of CG about couples of years. I graduated from NAD Center at Montreal in 2001 and worked on many production until. On film like Dugal:The Magic Round About , Fantastic Four , Destination Ultime , Three Musketeers and many more. Work on many publicity too like Volkswagen and Subway.

I’m know many softwares like XSI, Maya and 3DsMax. I play with many renderer like Mental Ray , Renderman , 3Delight , Vray …etc. Because I don’t have money too spend in expensive commercial software , I love to play with Blender at home and I’m always impressed by all is features availables for a free software. Hope to see Blender on a big pipeline sometime! And I’m also impressed about all others things gravitate around Blender (renderer,plugins,addon…) !

I create this blog to share with everyone everything a test or create with Blender in my spare time. I share a bit of my experiences and some little things not directly related to Blender too. Hope you will find what you need on my website and be patient with how fast the blog is updated (and with my poor english … don’t hesitate to correct me) because not always easy for a father of two kids ! 🙂


Jean-François Gallant

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