BGE NeuralNetwork and Genetic Algorithm v0.01 download

To download the latest version of this addon:

Note: No support provided for this script for now


(0.0.1 version tested with official Blender 2.68a release)
(0.0.1 version tested with official Blender 2.68a release)


(0.0.1 version tested with official Blender 2.68a release)
(0.0.1 version tested with official Blender 2.68a release)

Mac OSX:
No OSX version available, Sorry !

Samples BGE blend files:

No docs available. Here is a bit of info about available function of the module: : print informations created with the module

nnetga.info_pop(): print information about populations created

nnetga.info_net(population index ,agent index,level of detail ( 0 , 1 or 2 )) : print info about neural network of the given population and agent index.

nnetga.add_pop(numbers of population to add,crossover chance (0.0 to 1.0, default 0.7),mutation rate(0 to 1.0, default 0.3),mutation ratio(0.0 to 1.0, default 0.3)): Set new population with options of crossover , mutation rate and ratio.

nnetga.add_agent(population index,numbers of agent to add): Populate with agent the population with the given index.

nnetga.add_net(population index,numbers of inputs,numbers of hidden layers,numbers of neurons in hidden layers,numbers of ouput): To add neural net on each agent of the given population index.

nnetga.update(inputs array): Give inputs to all neural network of all popualtion and agents and return a array of ouputs.

nnetga.next_gen(population index,scores array,cross over option (0 or 1, default 1), mutation option (0 or 1, default 1 ),numbers of elite keep for next generation (default 4 ),numbers of worst agent removed for crossover ( default 0)): Push the given population to the next generation where crossover and mutation happen and give the new generation.
Installing this addon is really simple:

  1. Download the zip file.
  2. Unzip “nnetga” file in the same folder of your Blender BGE file (.blend)
  3. You can now import with python script by use “import nnetga”


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