molecular script download

To download the latest version of this addon:

Note: New released version 1.0.2 ! Now support python 3.4 bundled with Blender 2.71 and above. 1.0.1 still available for python 3.3 bundled with Blender 2.68 to 2.70a. Be aware to download the right version.

Windows ( need Microsoft Windows Visual Studio 2012 Redistributable ):

(1.0.1 version tested with official Blender 2.68a release)
(1.0.2 version tested with official Blender 2.71 release)
(1.0.1 version tested with official Blender 2.68a release)
(1.0.2 version tested with official Blender 2.71 release)


(1.0.1 version tested with official Blender 2.68a release)
(1.0.2 version tested with official Blender 2.71 release)
(1.0.1 version tested with official Blender 2.68a release)
(1.0.2 version tested with official Blender 2.71 release)

Mac OSX (get many troubles with multithreaded without finding why , put cpu numbers to 1 if you get crashs ):

(1.0.1 version tested with official Blender 2.68a release)
Thanks to Grégory DELPU for compiling the OSX version.

Samples blend files:

( not tested with v1.0.1 , let’s me know if it’s fine !)

You can find the documentation here. ( 1.0.1 features now up-to-date !!!)
Install this addon is really simple and is installed like any addon:

  1. Download the zip file from here in a temporary folder.
  2. Open Blender and go in File , User Preferences … and Addons tab
  3. Click on “install from file…” button in the bottom of this panel
  4. Browse where you previously save the zip file and select it.
  5. Push button “install from file…”
  6. Now in the addons tab you can find ” Object: Molecular script” and check it to activate.
  7. Click “save user settings” if you want it be loaded every time you open Blender.

After this steps , if you create a particles systems on an object , you see in the bottom of the particles tab this new panel.

Alternate installation:

  1. Go in “[your blender installation folder]\2.6x\scripts\addons”
  2. Unzip the folder “molecular” here
  3. now you have “[your blender installation folder]\2.66\scripts\addons\molecular\” folder with “” and “ or molecular.pyd” in it.
  4. If you run Blender , you can see “molecular script” in the Addons tabs like description below at step 6 and 7.


Documentation about how to install and use the addon available here!

27 thoughts on “molecular script download

  1. Hello

    just downloaded the plug-in and now i am going to try it.

    Watched the demo on youtube and this is a perfect test for a surf game, on wave simulation !

    Thank you for this great plugin :)

  2. Hey PyroEvil :)

    don’t know if you will remember me (I messaged you before on blenderartists)

    I’ve tested the plugin,really awesome 😀 , I think you are going in the right direction

    I may try to develop the meshing Addon , just missing some knowledge of blender python

    if you can tell me a good blender python tutorial source so I know how to make interface from it :)

    thanks in advance.
    Mohamed Sakr

    • Hi Mohamed !

      Yes I remember you ! Happy to see you love my addon. This week-end I’m starting to convert it with cython for gain in speed ( hope a 10 – 100x gain ).

      I don’t have any tutorial. I learn python and Blender by “trying and error” , looking others script and sample script coming with blender. I know a website call ” codeacademy” where you can learn python but not for Blender API and it’s basic a lot. Search and ask on , I’m sure somehere tutorial are available.

      Did you see this latest paper about meshing :
      It sound really interesting. One of my idea about a mesher is to store UV’s of original imiter mesh by advection and transfert it to the mesher mesh by advection too. Try to be able to texture and shade this mesh. My references is EMPolygonizer :

      If you have any question , don’t be shy to ask. I’m a bit busy but I try to answer soon as possible.

      • well thanks for the fast reply :)

        I already know python (but not for blender) so it is just as a matter of practice :)
        about cpython I don’t know exactly how it works but for sure it is at least 20 times faster than normal python

        I’m trying to do a Python(interface)-C++(OpenCL) Addon which might be fast but still getting ideas how to connect both 😀

        and yea I’ve never been shy of asking 😀
        after all that’s how we learn :)

        thanks for the very helpful link about mesher UV , and yea I’ve seen Erik Mootz mesher it is awesome

        I’m trying to do a really fast mesher using gpu powers most meshers takes alot of time to calculate,gpu makes it faster alot (if it worked)

        • The best things is probably directly integrate it in the Blender code , without using python if you well know C++. After that I don’t know the process for your code be accepted to be merged to the trunk.

          I use python and addon system because my knowledge in low-level programming is completly nothing. Probably cython has a smooth transition to it. Yes cython is at less 20times faster and in somecase 100-200times faster.

          EMpolygonizer is one of the best mesher I know with soo many features. Frost for 3dsmax is fast and great too but no UV’s transfert a think.

          • well I have checked the article that you listed above …an awesome article 😀

            if you have any more links (from another site as I explored all the site) for more topics and math that will be great :)

            I think if I can PASS the python data to C++ this Addon can be done in a week 😀

          • In a week ? For passing data to C++ you need to do a wrapper. But I don’t know how to do that , it’s why I use Cython ( C language but support a bit of C++ I think. ) Why you don,t integrate it directly in Blender code ? Without passing by python ? All the source code of Blender are available.

          • will try this soon once i check the source code and how it is going on

            my idea was that python is easy to make interface…C++ takes more time for these kind of stuff,but OpenCL works pretty well with C++

  3. well ,that’s why I use python 😀
    very simple/fast for non calculation parts like interface :)

    the good news is that I’m almost at the point of understanding how to implement the C++ code inside blender python …

    I think the interface and some translation code between the 2 languages may take 2 days …
    OpenCL main code may take 4 days

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