molecular sources 28092013

install python 3.3 on you machine ( with the desired version you want to compile , 32 or 64bit )

Install cython ( ) on this python install. Felow install instruction on the website.

run with the 3.3 python you have installed with cython :

/[python 3.3 path]/python   /[path of source file]/ build_ext  – -in_place

With this command it’s suppose to create you in the directory of the sources files :

– Build folder
– .C files
– .html file
– .so file

Make sure the name of .so file is exactly “”

Create a folder named “molecular” in the folder [your Blender install directory]/2.68/scripts/addons/

Put and in this folder

Start Blender and in > user preferences > addons you suppose to find Molecular and be able to active it.

Create a particles system and see in the bottom of the particles system tab if you see the Molecular settings section.

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